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Select your package

Choose the payment package that meets your needs.

We have 3 packages to choose from depending on the features you need, click here for more details.

Step 3

Customise layout

Choose a design template and the retail verticals you want to sell

Try our easy-to-use designer templates and select your favorite layout. Decide what types of products you want to sell.

Step 4

Personalise Your Store

Create your own website address and upload your images.

Customise your website by creating your own website address, link it to your social media platforms, and add your own images.

Step 5

Earn 10%* on Every Sale

Launch your new business and earn hassle-free income.

Share your new business with your
community. Start selling with no logistical requirement, no need for legal expertise and no tax implications.

*10% of all sales except on Travel where the commission varies 2% – 10%

The MoShoppa Model

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