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About Us

MoShoppa, build your online business in minutes.

MoShoppa – Mo Siopa – my shop ! 

MoShoppa has claimed its own unique place at the heart of the online shopping boom. By simplifying market entry, we enable
anyone to build their online business in minutes. We support entrepreneurs and small businesses by giving them
access to sell over 7000 brands and 1 billion products on their own custom-built online store. Committed to helping entrepreneurs
and small businesses to grow, we pride ourselves on our innovative technology, quality of service and personal touch.

Originally formed in Ireland and now with offices in New York and New Delhi, MoShoppa is driven
to deliver leading online stores for people and small businesses worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Niall Quinn

Founder & CEO

Niall is a successful serial entrepreneur and ex-professional footballer. As a businessman, he understands the challenges faced when setting up a business, and how to overcome them, providing the inspiration for MoShoppa.


Mike English

Founder & CTO

Having worked in top multinational retail companies, Mike always knew there was a way to simplify the online retail world for everyone – he just had to crack the code! With MoShoppa anyone in the world to sell premium brands online.

Check out Mike’s MoShoppa store. 

Aisling Quinn

Founder & COO

Aisling is a law graduate who readily understands the changing needs of today’s digital society. Aisling’s quest is to help thousands of like-minded millennials build their own online business, and be their own boss.

Vikas Nangia

Program Manager

Vikas is the head of the MSM tech team in New Delhi, India. He has a wealth of experience in tech project Management and web development, having held senior positions in Broadway Infotech and Magnon E-Graphics, delivering a wide range of successful projects

Priyam Narayan

Project Manager

Priyam is a manager cum entrepreneur with 6 years of veritable experience under her belt. She has immense experience in project deployment and client management, and has the know-how required to spearhead a large project involving multiple teams specialising in varied jobs.

Nimit Singhal

Project Coordinator

Nimit started out as a website manager, but soon realised that his skills could not be limited to single dimensions. Over time he hustled and learned all aspects of website building and maintenance, and technical project management, that enabled him to become an expert Project Coordinator.

Adil Khan

Quality Analysis Manager

When Adil is not finding and reporting bugs and errors, he invests his time in competitor research and finding new angles to analyse projects and drive innovation. Perfection, he understands, can only be aspired for and never truly achieved. So, he does what an ideal QA should do. Never stopping his scrutiny.

Utkarsh Kant

Customer Relations Manager

Having worked for Tech Mahindra (Formerly BritishTelecom), one of the biggest tech giants in India, Utkarsh knows and understands the importance of developing pleasant and lasting relationships with customers. His skill, rooted in his depth of experience, is second only to his passionate and positive outlook.

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